Entry Number 029: The Family Restaurant

Family keeps traditions and makes new memories last a lifetime. It makes our hearts swell when we see an establishment made possible by the very basic unit of Filipino society. ECZ HAPAGKAINAN FOODHAUS in Rizal St. Brgy. Lag-asan Bago City is an example of this.


From family kept recipes, aunties for cooks and other relatives for servers – this family owned and operated restaurant took the name and its meaning seriously. They have been in operation for 3 years now and their smiles never fades.

My favorite is their take of Full Pinoy Summer Halohalo





Entry Number 028: Bejeweled Homegrown Business

It is true that great things are hidden under plain sight. Who would have thought that in a quaint quiet city of La Carlota serves one of the best Nachos I have ever got my paws on.

CAFE NORMA  is located in  Yunque Street, La Carlota City. They are conveniently located in front of the La Carlota Government Building so can never miss it. They take pride of serving only the best brew from freshly ground coffee beans from mountains of La Carlota. This little gem tucked away from the hustle of Bacolod City is a must go to for every coffee enthusiast.


They are serving this hefty bowl of nachos with heavenly salsa. Pair it with you favority coffee then viola~ You coffee and snacks fix is definitely solved!

Entry Number 025: Feels of Rich History and Flavors

CAFE 1925 located in J.Pitong Ledesma St, Silay City Heritage Zone, Silay City, Negros Occidental is a quaint restaurant with a sitting capacity of 10-15 persons at a time. But let the size of this place determine its worth. Born from the kitchen of the adjacent home since 1925, they have continued to serve quality food in Silay.

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Entry Number 024: Oyster Overdrive!!!!

If you happen to go to ILOG, Negros Occidental, this puppy woofer would tell you that you have to feast on “Talaba” or oyters before you go. The town of Ilog is known for producing quality and happy oysters.

We went to JOHNA’s TALABAHAN. You would love the native kubo on top of the sea waters while trying to pry open the “Talaba” for you to feast on. Be ready with your “sawsawan” of soysauce, local vinegar, kalamansi and chilis!


One fresh basket full of these goodies is only Php 140-160~ Woooof~~

Are you up for this?

Watching the Stars in Camp HIYANG-HIYANG, Sitio Campuestuhan, Talisay City

Puppy Mood: Stress Bar filled to the brim. Woooooooooof~

Puppy Facts:

A relatively new place located in Sitio Campuestuhan. They cater to small to large group. And having a camp site with a bonfire pit, it is perfect for campers out there.

Puppy Seal of Approval:

If you feel like knocking back and put your feet up but not drive away too far then this is a place I would recommend.

1. WATCH THE STARS: This place is not very crowded nor have too many things built around the premises so you will have nothing to obscure your view of the night sky.

When was the last time you’ve seen the sky without the billboards out-shinging those flickering lights on Papa God’s black canvass?


2. CAMP OUT: Whether you plan of bringing your simple camping gears or going all out with your big tents then it is your choice. Bring your own because the Camp doesn’t have for rent.

For mum and I, we enjoyed the hammock just as much as rolling in the grass.

WARNING: THIS PLACE IS EXTREMELY COLD. By dusk, the wind will be whipping your hair back and forth. By evening, fog will cover the area and brrrrr…..

I snuggled to mum for warmth. Yep. It is a weekend well spent.

Look at the fog coming in!! How would you want your weekend spent?

Caffeine Loading with Style at DUYAN CAFE, Sitio Lantawan, Silay City

Puppy Mood: Feel like chasing Rainbows

Puppy Facts:

Duyan Cafe just recently opened. Since their soft ooening last February 2018, they have gained popularity nit just because if their coffee but the amazing view yiu get when lounging in their platform.

Located in Sitio Lantawan along Silay-Patag road, this is surely a favorite spots of motorist and tourists alike.

Puppy Seal Of Approval:

– Grab a warm cup of Coffee and nomnom on Ibos by the Ledge:

They said “People will pay for the experience.” And that is exactly what Duyan Cafe is all about. Experience the wind in your fur, the sun kissing your skin and see the greenery of the forest reserve around you with a coffee in hand.

I swear it is the best way to forget the city buzz for a while. No one can resist the smell of freshly brewed coffee anytime.

Thank you the sunday get away mom!!

Reliving the Love Story of The RUINS, Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Puppy Mood: Feeling the Love in the Air during the month of hearts~ ❤


Puppy Facts:

Built during the Spanish colonial era, Mariano Ledesma was an attractive young bachelor who owned a 440-hectare plantation in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. In one of his travels to Hongkong, he saw a young, beautiful Portuguese lady from Macau, Doña Maria Braga. It was like they were made for each other so it didn’t take long for Mariano to ask Maria’s father for her hand in marriage.


Blessed with 10 children, Mariano and Maria lived a life everyone could hope for. Unfortunately, Maria during her 11th pregnancy slipped in their bathroom causing her to bleed and miscarry. Mariano, sent his horseman to fetch the physician for her but the good doctor is about 2 days away. During the 4-day wait, he exhausted all his resources and personally sought for his wife needs. By the time the doctor arrived, Maria and the baby already passed away.


The brokenhearted and engulfed with grief Mariano thought of building a mansion in honor of his wife. The project would be the salve of his broken heart and reminder of his beloved Maria for the rest of his life. His plan was well supported by his father-in-law and provided Mariano of additional funds and high-quality materials. He even assigned his son, Felipe, to oversee the construction of their new home.

It was later, burnt down by the American colonial masters during the World War II to prevent its use as military office by the invading Japanese forces. It burnt for 3 long days to its current empty cement shell.


Puppy Seal of Approval:

Love is in the Air as it is February – the month of Love. What is more fitting but to visit a place where love has been cemented and lived for all the years. Those walls were built with the love of that special someone, a wife, a mother and family. It is only fitting to be called the “Taj Mahal of Negros/Philippines”.


The picturesque grounds and the mansion itself has been a popular spot for prenuptial photo shoots movies and alike. The building became such a strong symbol of culture and history. Indeed, your visit in Negros is not complete if you haven’t seen this piece of art.

I would suggest you either come really early in the morning so you can have the place for yourself or witness the beautiful sunset in this romantic place.


Travel party: Great for choice for family and barkada trip! Perfect instagram worthy place~

Budget: Entrance fee are as follows:  PHP100 adults, PHP 50 students and PHP20 children. There are many tricycle from North Ceres terminal that goes to The Ruins for at least Php 50 per person. Parking space would require you to pay at least Php20 for light vehicles.

Trip: Day-trip! It is open to daily visitors from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Entry Number 13: SuTuKil Seafood in Bacolod

Something unique in Bacolod are foodstops featuring “SuTuKil”. It is the short cut for “SUgba” (grill), “TUla” (soup) and “KILaw” (Fish Ceviche). These three ways of cooking are always the blockbuster in any Ilonggo buffet.

Now imagine this… SuTuKil – SEAFOOD STYLE!!!!! Wooooofff~~~  **Tail wagging**

Me and  mum love sea foods! We practically eat  whatever we see food that is sea food! Get it? Get it?

Diotay’s Eatery located in 12th st., Gatuslao Bacolod City 6100 is just the place to be.  From Scallops, big fishes, squids, crabs and prawns, they have it. You can buy the fresh supplies and have them cooked right then and there.


What is your favorite? This pupper loves the Grilled Blue Marlin and the Calamares.

Have you tried eating here?


Exploring the Hidden Beauty of PATA-AN FALLS, Mailum, Barangay Maao, Negros Occidental

Puppy Mood: Out exploring while we have time!

Puppy Facts:

Sitio Pata-an is a quaint little town hiding in the outskirts of the Barangay Maao.  It’s best to ask for directions from the locals because the road going there is unpaved. The ride going there was not a smooth one. Most of the dirt roads are left rough and unkempt.

20000316_084814 copy

A guard stays in a small waiting shed that serves as their entrance. As you go in, you are led by a winding pathway to the pool and overnight cottages.


Destination Landmark Rates
South Bound Ceres bound to:

Barrio Ma-ao

> It is approximately 1 hours of travel. Php 25-35 per head
Barrio Maao  – Pata-an > There are tricycles/habal-habal going to Pataan. They are parked along the road near the Terminal of Ceres Liners – by the marketplace. Ask the locals which one is going to PATA-AN. Php 50 per head


Puppy Seal of Approval:

A day out with mom with a nice weather is great! Pata-an Falls is a stop for puppertrippers who just want to sit and commune with nature. There is no signal there so be prepared of being detached from civilization which is FUR-fect for anyone who doesn’t want their boss calling them. Woof~~


Pata-an falls doesn’t form a belly – which is very unique. The water falls on a unique rock formation where people can lounge and enjoy a massage from the downpour. The falls provides a cool refreshing mist in the surrounding area that is sure to extinguish the heat from any summer. ❤

What I love about this place is the old century tree that stands near the base of the falls. It provides the shade and a picturesque background for your Instagram worthy pictures! Woof!


Travel party: Great for everyone!!! It is accessible by commuting or by those big cars for families. This place is pretty much straightforward and safe for little puppers and children alike.

Budget: Entrance is Php 50 per head. Day trip cottages range from Php 250-500.

Trip: Day-trip and overnighters. Overnight rooms would be Php 1500 to 2500.



Everybody will be flocking the beaches this summer. Crowded shores, rowdy groups and fully-booked resorts – then what? The sun is high up and you want to escape the hassle? Then this puppy explorer might just have something you’d like to consider.

Beat the Heat of summer with My Top 5 Waterfalls of Negros!

  1. MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT Murcia, Negros Occidental:

  • A common recreational destination, it is just an hour away from Bacolod City in the municipality Murcia. This place brags – not only one – but SEVEN waterfalls!!! The trek going all the way to the 7th falls is worth it. You get to bathe on those cool fresh waters after a short hike up. Open even for beginner, this one is for list of must-go this summer.
  1. MAG-ASO FALLS, Barangay Oringao, kabankalan City, Negros Occidental:


  • Feeling like stepping up to your chasing waterfalls game? Then Mag-Aso Falls is
    perfect. Located about a three hours ride south from Bacolod City, all the travel is worth the view and experience. Come and dive in those deep glorious turquoise waters of Mag-Aso Falls. The basin is deep enough to cater those who would dare to do a “Cliff dive” from the little caves.
  1. GAWAHON MOUNTAIN RESORT, Victorias City, Negros Occidental:


  • A little more toned down and less commercialized. You would least likely find this place crowded. This place also takes pride of their seven different falls. A little walking distance from one after the other, truly this one is a nature lover’s treat.
  1. PATA-AN FALLS, Barangay Mailum, Bago City, Negros Occidental:


  • DO you want to spend a day just sitting and enjoying icy cold water shower? Then Pataan is just the right choice. Unlike the usual, the falls fall on a rock formation and shaded by a century old tree. You can spend a day just to relax sitting under the falls to extinguish the heat.
  1. GUINTUBDAN FALLS, Ara-al Road, Occidental, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental:


  • If you love the great outdoors, hiking, forests, swimming and random meet-and-greet with farm animals, Guintubdan is just for you. Approximately two hours and a half bus ride, you get to meet this splendor tucked in a quaint place of Ara-al. With a total of 6 falls and one spring, you get to exhaust you day swimming in the cool waters and beautiful mountain top scenery. You will be left with a filled heart and happy soul after hiking time of 15 mins to 45 mins from the different falls.

Remember, the beach is not the only place you could spend the summer buzz in. Sometimes, you just need a puppy nose for roads less traveled and a mum saying, SEEK!

Where are you off to next, puppy trippers? We’d like to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave a comment down below. Who knows…We might just be dropping by to explore your suggestion!