Entry Number 027: Happy Fat Puppy Belly

They say, you are not real Pinoy if you don’t appreciate The Lechon. But it is not small feat to secure a whole piggy, prepare it and cook it whole all the way to perfection just to enjoy these sinful but oh so “namit” (delicious) food.

That is where CRISPY BELLYCIOUS CAFE located in 155 Circumferencial Rd, Bacolod City comes in. Satisfy the craving…. without draining your wallet dry.

A serving of 80 grams of crispy lechon served with “Sinamak”(local vinegar) and tamarind Sauce is only Php 90. Definitely something you have to tick off you must-eat-here list.



Catching the Ghost Ship at SABAS RESORT, Lazi, Siquijor

Puppy Mood: Feels curious

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Entry Number 026: Cool Down by The Boulevard

All that adrenaline from Siquijor Trip needs some cool down. So what is best thing to do upon arriving in Dumaguete? EAT LIKE LOCALS~

When evening strikes, The streets of the famous Boulevard of Dumaguete City transform to the street food haven for both locals and tourist alike.

Serving famous Filipino street food namely Fishballs, Squidballs, Crab sticks, kikiam and many more for only Php 10 per stick!!!

Just add your cola of choice or ice-cold bottled water. How cool is that?

Warning: They don’t allow alcohol consumption in this area. A mandate from the local government to ensure happy experience for all. Yey!

Entry Number 025: Feels of Rich History and Flavors

CAFE 1925 located in J.Pitong Ledesma St, Silay City Heritage Zone, Silay City, Negros Occidental is a quaint restaurant with a sitting capacity of 10-15 persons at a time. But let the size of this place determine its worth. Born from the kitchen of the adjacent home since 1925, they have continued to serve quality food in Silay.

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Entry Number 024: Oyster Overdrive!!!!

If you happen to go to ILOG, Negros Occidental, this puppy woofer would tell you that you have to feast on “Talaba” or oyters before you go. The town of Ilog is known for producing quality and happy oysters.

We went to JOHNA’s TALABAHAN. You would love the native kubo on top of the sea waters while trying to pry open the “Talaba” for you to feast on. Be ready with your “sawsawan” of soysauce, local vinegar, kalamansi and chilis!


One fresh basket full of these goodies is only Php 140-160~ Woooof~~

Are you up for this?

Watching the Stars in Camp HIYANG-HIYANG, Sitio Campuestuhan, Talisay City

Puppy Mood: Stress Bar filled to the brim. Woooooooooof~

Puppy Facts:

A relatively new place located in Sitio Campuestuhan. They cater to small to large group. And having a camp site with a bonfire pit, it is perfect for campers out there.

Puppy Seal of Approval:

If you feel like knocking back and put your feet up but not drive away too far then this is a place I would recommend.

1. WATCH THE STARS: This place is not very crowded nor have too many things built around the premises so you will have nothing to obscure your view of the night sky.

When was the last time you’ve seen the sky without the billboards out-shinging those flickering lights on Papa God’s black canvass?


2. CAMP OUT: Whether you plan of bringing your simple camping gears or going all out with your big tents then it is your choice. Bring your own because the Camp doesn’t have for rent.

For mum and I, we enjoyed the hammock just as much as rolling in the grass.

WARNING: THIS PLACE IS EXTREMELY COLD. By dusk, the wind will be whipping your hair back and forth. By evening, fog will cover the area and brrrrr…..

I snuggled to mum for warmth. Yep. It is a weekend well spent.

Look at the fog coming in!! How would you want your weekend spent?