Entry Number 010: of Sweets and Potato Treats

Great things starts in small beginnings – and that small thing could be your good old potato.

Since mom and I went to Mabinay Springs with family again, we made sure we did a little stop over for some sweet something for the road. 

Potatoes. We know an array of ways to serve this root crop… but who could guessed it would take a crown for desserts too. MILA’S RESTAUTANT along the Highway of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental – near the public market and 711 Store is known for their Potato Cakes.

This heavenly treat of multi-layered soft cake topped with crunchy caramel is something everyone should try.

This small serving is only PhP75~

They are also known for other treats like Royal Bibingka, Fruit Tarts and Buko Pies. All of them are baked to perfection, melts in your mouth and fills your sweet cravings.

Make sure you come by a little early because the line could grow long and the competition for the last slices is tough.

Have you tried this before?



Thailand 2: Of Gold and Culture

Puppy Mood: Excited to see majestic temples and see a glimpse of their histor

As promised from our previous post, we continue on with our 5 part Bangkok, Thailand special. In this block, we will touch on those pretty temples this woofer was able to visit. Woof!!!! We will give snippets about each temples~ woof!

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Hello 2017!

Hello puppy woofers!

It has been a crazy week for all of us. Mom and I are so busy with all the preparation for to say bye-bye 2016 and say hello to 2017! We apologize for not being able to post last Saturday (usual schedule) because we have Noche Buena and a lot of family members coming over~ It is so fun to meet mom’s family! Woof!

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Of Puppy Trails Ph Security and Relative Accounts | Update

Morning Puppy Trippers~

After me and my mom resecured all our accounts, but the hacker is not letting up. As of 8:08 this morning, the hacker who apparently still have access to our IG account decided to trash our account.
It hurts to see our hardwork being violated this way. 

We reported these to the management at they are doing everything they can to recover our babies.:'(:'(:'(:'(
 Yahoomail people confirmed our greatest fear. We recieved a notice stating that our account has been breached.

Please be informed that none of my mom, me or my brother are behind the activities on the said account from this point on. They might use our pictures somewhere so please be informed.

Keep safe everyone.

#StressedPuppy #StressedMom

Of Puppy Trails Ph Security and Relative Accounts

Hi puppy woofers!
My mom and I decided to post a notice here. Apparently, what started as something we thought as your usual spam bugs all over the net is not as what it seems.

We are recently being bombarded by series of hacking issues.

As of December 12, 2016 | 12.36pm our beloved Puppy Trails Ph Instagram Account has been hacked. We are locked out. Mom sent a complaint to Instagram Management about this and are doing everything they can to recover it.

To those who are following our Instagram Account, this person might post or respond nasty thing about our beloved followers, my mom and even my brother so we thought it is only prudent for us to inform everyone about this incident.

You all know how we love everyone here… **puppy wailing**

I would like to take this chance to tell everyone that all of your likes, comments, views and shares are like puppy treats for every puppy tricks we do. I am happy and love every bit of it. It is a constant reminder that we must get better… be more consistent and give more happy pupper posts for you to enjoy. I am so grateful for your support and for believing in a puppy – the we, too, can make a blog. 

For now, we wait and pray. 

Puppy Hacks 102: Prepping to Go International

Woof! It is my first time to go on an international flight! Good thing I got mom to teach me how to get ready. So I will share my puppy hacks for how to go international – puppy style.

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Entry Number 009: Go Loco with Coco

Have you ever had a chance to eat in a restaurant that will serve anything and everything with coconut and its derivatives? Oh yeah… A healthy boost from the miracle plant is served by Dana Buko Cocktail is located in Hi-Strip 3, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City.

From the interior designs, fixtures and food… everything has coconut or, at least, cocconut water in it.

We had several foods to try. But, this puppy says it is a must that you guys will be able to try the following:

– Chicken Kulma

– Chicken Binakol

– Asado Rice Topping

– Buko Pandan

– Macapuno

Please note that for all you who are not into sweet things, do tell your staff how would you like them to serve your desserts and drinks. This will ensure that they won’t add another dose of sugar in your order.

We paid less than PhP 500 for the two of us pigging out that day.

What is your favorite food from “Buko” ??

Tell us in the comment section below.