Entry Number 012: A Piece of Luzon in Bacolod City

Have you ever felt that craving of something in particular?

Mom grew up in Manila. She told me that there is this type of pancit that has been popularized in Malabon and it taste delish~ ❤ Apparently, there is a place in Bacolod that serves the in famous Pancit Malabon and it is close to legit.

Tita’s Beth Pancit Malabon  is located along Lacson Street nearby Rolling Hills. This savoury noodle dish that originated in the City of Malabon. It resembles the Pancit Palabok but instead of meat – an array of seafood toppings, egg and chicharon on the traditional tough and thick rice noodles distinguishes this dish.


Price ranges from Php 75 (solo serving) to Php 600 for hefty serving for groups~

All the love for food that we miss!<3

Have you ever tried this one before?



Entry Number 011: Load Up with Protein. meat.Meat.MEAT!!

Imagine this, stack after stack of well-seasoned beef, slow grilled to tender perfection, served with fresh lettuce, cucumbers and onions, topped with cheese and special sauces. Nomnomnom!

I think everyone would agree that protein is life after a week of deathly exams so that is exactly what mom and I did. We went to HOMESITE SHAWARMA at Homesite, Paglaum Street, Brgy. Montevista, Bacolod.

Last picture: Photocredit – grabbed this from their FB page because we went there for dinner and we compeletely forgot to take a picture. 🐶

Shawarma rice! How pinoy could you get? We eat anything with rice! (First pictures)
Puppy personal nomnom fave….. TACOOOOOOOSSS! (Third picture)

Price ranges from Php80 and above. Worth the food, and serving. 

Surely, this one is NOT the usual commercialized and watered-down shawarmas out there.  

All filled-up without being guilty.
Have you been there?

What’s you favorite?

Entry Number 010: of Sweets and Potato Treats

Great things starts in small beginnings – and that small thing could be your good old potato.

Since mom and I went to Mabinay Springs with family again, we made sure we did a little stop over for some sweet something for the road. 

Potatoes. We know an array of ways to serve this root crop… but who could guessed it would take a crown for desserts too. MILA’S RESTAUTANT along the Highway of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental – near the public market and 711 Store is known for their Potato Cakes.

This heavenly treat of multi-layered soft cake topped with crunchy caramel is something everyone should try.

This small serving is only PhP75~

They are also known for other treats like Royal Bibingka, Fruit Tarts and Buko Pies. All of them are baked to perfection, melts in your mouth and fills your sweet cravings.

Make sure you come by a little early because the line could grow long and the competition for the last slices is tough.

Have you tried this before?


Entry Number 009: Go Loco with Coco

Have you ever had a chance to eat in a restaurant that will serve anything and everything with coconut and its derivatives? Oh yeah… A healthy boost from the miracle plant is served by Dana Buko Cocktail is located in Hi-Strip 3, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City.

From the interior designs, fixtures and food… everything has coconut or, at least, cocconut water in it.

We had several foods to try. But, this puppy says it is a must that you guys will be able to try the following:

– Chicken Kulma

– Chicken Binakol

– Asado Rice Topping

– Buko Pandan

– Macapuno

Please note that for all you who are not into sweet things, do tell your staff how would you like them to serve your desserts and drinks. This will ensure that they won’t add another dose of sugar in your order.

We paid less than PhP 500 for the two of us pigging out that day.

What is your favorite food from “Buko” ??

Tell us in the comment section below.

Entry Number 008: Breathing Fire with Sisig

Craving for sisig that fits the budget of a pooritang puppy? Kubo Sa Lawn  located in P. Hernaez st.(libertad extension) Bacolod CIty is a must go place for just that. They offer many variety of Filipino food items and is a nice quiet place for a quick meal and a bottle or two with friends.

KSL, as locals call it, has a cool outdoor ambiance perfect for hanging out and food trippings.

It is a must for everyone to visit this place that you will have to order their Pork Sisig.

You can tweak how spicy you want it to be from the kitchen and add some more if you want to start breathing fire.

One serving can be shared by 2 persons so it is a good deal as it is.

Other than the usual average time of  prepping of 30 to 40mins… the place is really good.


How spicy do you want your sisig???

Tell us in the comment bar below! 

Entry 007: Flavors of Vietnam in Bacolod’s Doorsteps

Asia has been blessed with diverse culture – more so, with food. There could literally be more than 3 ways of cooking/prepping one dish and it taste different as to which country it is from.

Sometime this week, mum was craving for new yet flavorful and a migrating Whale (mum’s friend whom we call whale) happen to know just the place. Hidden from the bustling main street where diners and the like are lined up, a small Vietnamese restaurant thrive. Rau Ram Café is located in Purok Marapara Barangay Bata, Bacolod City Negros Occidental and they serve mainly Vietnamese food and asian fusion dishes.

I recommend the following,

Pho bo – A Beef and Rice noodles soup. Taste very straight forward yet light and flavorful. In what limited knowledge this puppy have , Pho is a classic and staple making it a must to try out.

Bahn Mi – Okay. This is our favorite. It is a sandwich with many veggies and meat. It screams: Health pack right there. This is a dream come true for all vegetable sandwich loving puppies and human out there~

Vietamese Fried Rice –I wasn’t able to catch how was it called but it was so good. Mum and I love anything with a kick of extra flavour to the usual steamed rice so this one is welcomed. The serving was good for 2-3 people so it is nice to share with friends and family.


Price ranges from Php 75 – 200 only.
They have big servings. One order can be shared by 2-3 persons which is why I would advise that people who come here must either be with friends and family OR extremely hungry puppy mode.

What is your favorite Vietnamese food?
Please do comment below~ I’d love to hear from you!


Entry 006: La comida Mexicana es deliciosa!

All out for some Mexican food~ this puppy has been craving for something new but all happy bunch. So mom’s friend recommended this place. Fogo: Muito Gostoso Restaurant is located at the ground floor of O Residences in Lacson Street, beside Robinsons Place Mall.

Mom and I ordered Beef Burritos and Nachos. And I tell you…. The salsa, the beef… the place… the ambiance, everything are all on point.

So bring out your sumbreros and come along!


We helped ourselves with…

Beef Buritto and Nachos topped with meat, cheese and salsaaaaa~
Good for mom, her friend, snake, and me!
Price: PhP 100-150 per person only!
What is your favorite Mexican food?
I am looking forward to your comments!
Till next time~