Hawker Centers and Singapore Treats!

Shiok, Singapore!

Our nose us up in the air sniffing new scents! We are excited to taste more food from different places as usual so off to the streets we go~ Our destination? Hawker Centers. They are like public food courts where you can see many stalls serving different food to choose from.


We were told that since Singapore is visited by so many tourists, there are so many food catering to different palates. So we are featuring some of our favorite eats of Singapore! Surprisingly, there are a lot of cheap food around this country who has been known for being expensive. I guess you just need to be adventurous and explore where the locals would eat.


We just couldn’t get over this steaming bowl of rice and chicken! Singapore prided itself with these babies. A Michelin Star awarded store has been serving this dish for the longest time and the recipe has been passed on to generations.


Imagine, a bowl of steamed rice cooked with different spices and chicken fat while the chicken is placed on top of it. YUM!!! Read more here!


These shaved Ice treat will surely cool you off when faced with the summer heat of Singapore. They are as tasty as they are colorful! They are served with sweetened beans, grass jellies and vanilla syrup!


Wow! We are really in for a treat here in Singapore! They don’t just have must try dishes, their desserts are coming in second! Read more by clicking here.


Biryani is a famous dish in Indian Subcontinent. It is means “Spicy Rice” and cooked with many spices and condiments such as ghee, nutmeg,  mace,  pepper,  cloves,  cardamom,  cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and garlic

wp-1532861076779..jpeg** Warning: If you are allergic to Cinnamon like my mom,
Please refrain from eating this. Good thing my mom have meds with her. <3**

You have a choice of the meat you want to eat with it. With sidings of vegetables and some curry paste, it will give a blast of flavors in your mouth!

4. Tau Hu/Tau Huay

Soy Bean Curd is a healthy dessert that is also famous around Singapore for both tourists and locals alike. You can choose to eat it plain as it is or with add ons. You can choose to have flavors with your soy bean curd or serve it with Grass jellies, beans and many more.


This is like a more complicated version of the Philippines’ “Taho“. It is a new take of our favorite morning pick-upper, we did enjoy it. Read more by clicking here.

5. Singapore’s Egg Tarts

Rich egg custard filled in shortcrust tarts is one of the desserts Singapore takes pride of. Drawing influences from the Western tarts and then crafted to these beautiful bite-sized treats, these yummy egg tarts will surely catch your attention.


There are some runner ups fave nomnoms:

a. Laksa

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup popular in Singapore. Laksa consists of rice noodles or rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn or fish, served in spicy soup based onrich and spicy curry coconut milk.


b. Roasted Soy Pork Rice

Crispy skinned Pork served with cucumber over steaming bowl of rice is another treat we enjoyed. The salty and sweet sauce topping surely made this meal something for the book. It reminds me of Lechon Macau.



What is you favorite Singapore treat?
Tell us about it int he comment section down below!