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Spotless and Modern – those are the two words that came to mind when we went to Singapore. Singapore figured out a way to integrate nature, convenience and commerce. No wonder this country has rose up so far. You can feel everyone is making an effort to make this country great.


Me and mum were able to spend 4 days in this wonderful country. This island city-state off the southern end of Malaysia has a lot to boast. Catering to high-tech buzzing tourists, nature-loving fans and all the way to us – your happy walking puppies –  there are just so much activities to plan out.

So here are our Top 5 things to do when in Singapore~

Top 5 things to do in Singapore:

1.  Hawker Centers and More Food:

FOOD!!! There are just so many things you get to learn by all the nomnoms around! You get to discover the place’s cultures, resources, lifestyle and so much more! In Singapore, Hawker Center’s is like a public food court where they have many foods stalls offering a variety of food. Surely, they have something to perk you curiosity.


Do not miss some features of our favorite foodies starting off with the famous Hainanese Chicken and then some more here~

2. Meet and greet with the Merlions:

Meet the symbol of Singapore~ Half Lion, Half fish. The original Merlion statue now stands in its current location after the completion of the Esplanade Bridge. The uninterrupted view fronting the Marina Bay just added to how picturesque it is and have since became part of  any tourist bucket list coming to Singapore. Since July 1966, the Merlion proudly represented this fisher village that rose up and above the world expectation.


3. Universal Studios:

Out to satisfy both kids and adult alike, Universal Studios in Sentosa Island has always been a pit stop for everyone. So like a good exploring mom and puppy tandem we are, we went and had our dose of high-speed thrill rides! Do you enjoy car rides? This is like one but much much more faster! Woof!

4. Zoos, Parks and Walkies:

Any pupper will agree that a daily walkie is just what we need to make everyday  the best day yet. Singapore made nature, aesthetics and modernization seem so seamless. No idle land left without purpose or not looking pretty. Zoos and parks are just about everywhere to cater to you daily jogging routes and dog walks!


I swear, this place is every puppies dream~ Just make sure you clean after yourself because there are many other who come by to enjoy these free amenities or for a little price.


5. Explore Changi Airport:

Welcome to one of the best airports in the world, Singapore Changi Airport. Changi Airport gained its fame starting 2013 when it won the title of “World’s Best Airport” by Skytrax, then they proudly held on to the title since then.  Let us come and explore what more this giant airport has to offer.


Did you know that they have an indoor slides, pools, garden and movie house in this airport? So the next time you have a long lay over or delayed flight in Singapore, you better thank your lucky stars.


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