A Year of PAWSomeness Ahead

” Time flies when you are having fun.”

This couldn’t be more true! Woof! Would you believe it has been two years since Puppy Trails Ph began?


It has been a long journey but it feels like there are still so much to share and explore. This month is filled with many milestones for both mom and I. What started as something that was just meant to be our outlet from our usual routine – became so much more. It has become our art… our representation.

Up! Let’s go to Pata-an Falls!

Each Puppy Nomnoms are food we still enjoy until now. Each Puppy Adventures became priceless memories. Each real life struggles made us stronger. All these became our perfect version of fun. Who could have thought we were able to keep this project going even with mom’s busy schedule?

So let me take this opportunity to do a boop on everyone we love!

Firstly: I would like to congratulate my mom for a job well done! We still have a long way to go but we are a little closer to our dreams. I have seen you crawl and worked so hard for this. You deserve this. Mom said it is a secret but I will just drop a (not so) hint right here.


Secondly: My Grandmama, Grandpapa and Uncle! The gift of family and their undying support can never be equated to anything else. Without all of you, I won’t be with mom and her adventures. Thank you for supporting our travels. I wish we can travel more! Especially those beautiful pictures taken by my Uncle. Love you all!


Thirdly: Auntie Snek~ Thank you for guiding us! We are lost and have no idea how to work with this blog – moreover, how to start it. Thank you for putting me up for adoption too. Now, I have found my furmom…. now I wonder if I would ever find a furdad.


Lastly: ALL YOU FOLLOWERS AND FUTURE PEOPLES! Yay! Every ping and click is always a push for us to keep going. Woof!

So with these, we would have a small thank you gifties for you! We will have 5 winners of a surprise special package from Puppy Trails Ph!


These 5 lucky winners will have a bag full of exclusive Puppy Trails Ph merchandise!

It is so easy to win! You just have to click the link below and follow 5 easy steps!

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Are you all excited?