Diving into the Summer Waters of SIPALAY, Negros Occidental

Puppy Mood: Feeling the summer breeze in between my fur

Puppy Facts:

When people talk of diving spots, powdery beaches and pristine waters of Negros, the CIty of Sipalay was never the last in the list. This 4th class city of Negros Island, boast of its natural resources. Sipalay’s distance from Bacolod City is 175 kilometers and an almost a four-hour drive by public utility vehicle and over three hours by private car.

But let this puppy tell you, the drive there is worth it. Look at this!

To learn more about Sipalay and its history, click the link here to see their official city website,

Puppy Seal of Approval:

There are so many things to do in Sipalay City! Here are some things we highly recommend!

Haggle for Fresh Catch. Early in the morning, fisher men comes in with their fresh catch of fishes, crabs, shrimps and squids to shore. You would notice that locals would come by the shore to wait for them to get these babies at the lowest price!

Island Hopping. Hire a boatman, tell them to let you see different nearby island s! The summer is here and so are the beautiful landscapes the sea has to offer.

Discover the Underwater Scene. Sipalay has been known for their diverse seas. Come by the Campomanes Bay and dive down to see schools of fishes!

Grab a Fresh Coconut Chill. There is something about coconuts and summer. It seems that it will never be completed if you haven’t had that “chill with coconuts by the beach”. What more could you ask for?

**This puppy forgot to take a picture of our coconut drink. So I will place the beautiful view of our beach here instead.**

Special thanks to these amazing people!!!!