Fish Spa at the Century BALETE TREE, Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor

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The balete tree belongs to the genus Ficus or Fig trees. About 10 of 800 are found in the Philippines. The balete tree is also known as the banyan in other parts of the world. It is  also called a strangler fig tree, since the tree grows around a host tree and strangles it.

240px-Enchanted_Balete_Tree_in_LaziFrom Wikipedia~

Through the years, Balete Trees are tied with the paranormal and rituals of the olden days especially this one in Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor. It is said that the tree is  where sorcery rituals are being performed. In Siquijor,  a 4 centuries old balete tree still stands which is believed by the locals to be enchanted to this day.

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Sit and have a Fish Spa. Have a nice fish spa by the waterways at the foot of this old soul. Under the cool shade of this Balete tree, you can find some steps down to a waterway where doctor fishes live.

Take a dip!! WOooof~

Warning: Please use ECO-FRIENDLY sunblocks and lotions. It kills the fish and destroys the pH of the waters and make the fishes sick.  If you don’t have any, please wash of the chemicals first then take a dip.


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