Cliff Jumping at SALAGDOONG BEACH, Siquijor

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Puppy Facts:

Salagdoong Beach is located at the northeastern side of Siquijor Island. It is about 40mins from the Larena Port. Getting there, we passed a remote part of the town of Maria where the road is lined by tall mahogany trees that is part of their local forest reserve.


A must go place for thrill-seekers for it is well-known for its cliff jumping. But that is not the only thing you can do there, you can say hi to Dori because the waters there are full of beautiful corals fishes.

Puppy Seal of Approval:

  • Conquer Your Fear: Ever dared to take that leap of faith? Salagdoong Resort has been known as a spot for thrill-seekers for their 19 meter cliff dive. From a platform, take the plunge down to the beautiful blue waters of Siquijor.


    Mom and I was so scared to jump in at first. It is not every day we get to jump from 4 story height. The feel of the sea breeze in your fur, the endless view of the sea in the horizon and the few seconds of freedom makes everything worthwhile.

We did it mom!! Bucketlist

WARNING: Safety First!!!! Brace one of your arm to your opposite shoulder then the other hand should pinch your nose. Then jump and take the plunge straight down. It is the safest and for begginers like me. If you are not confident of your swimming skills, it is best you wear a life vest. The waters are deep for safe landing. Good thing my mom taught me how to doggypaddle!!!!


Travel party: For only those who dare! But the happy puppies and kitties can just swim with some corals.

Budget: We rented a motor bike  go around Siquijor as we have mentioned in our previous post. But entrance is only Php 30 for adults and Php 20 for the vehicle. They would ask for an additional Php 5 per head for the Red Cross because they are aiming to build a Blood Bank for the island.

Trip: Day-trip! Unless you plan to stay there for the night, you can totally enjoy your jumps and snorkeling for just a day trip.


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