Entry Number 023: Geeking Out Over Unli Chicken Strips

Science have been my favorite since I was a pup. With a science and health related mum, I have been surrounded by happy vibe when stumbling into science and its allied profession.

SCI GEEK CAFE in Sorrento Building along Lacson Street is offers a place for happy science lovers to dine and not care about how many ATP I would get in one chicken strip.

They have this Unlimited freshly cooked crispy chicken strips served with Unlimited Rice, three different dips and Drinks of your choice!!! For only Php250!!!!

Now, who would care about the nutritional and Dietary content at this point, yes?


Favorite Pasalubong Shopping Spots in Bangkok

Almost everyone who asked me about my Bangkok trip, where to buy our epitome of filipino traveling tradition – The Pasalubong.

So here are my fave stops for pasalubongs for you and your family.


Not game for the siksikan and the heat of Bangkok? Then this is the stop for you. MBK is located in the heart of the Bangkok shopping district and easily accessible through the MRT line via stop. You will just have to walk through two interconnected malls then viola~ you are in MBK! From branded bags, clothes, ” I love Bangkok” shirts, cosmetics and their famous dried fruits can be found here.


This is mom and I’s favorite place. Not only you can haggle the prices, they have more things to offer than other pasalubong stops in the main city. WELCOME YO THE LARGEST WEEKEND MARKET!!!!

It is just 3 train stops from the Airport so you won’t get lost. From Suvarnabhumi-Phaya Thai- Mo Chit stations. Yay!!!


This 38 acre of land area filled with 8000 tents have so much to offer from your personalized keychains to a nice thai massage! You just have to look for it. Given the area of this place, it is quite easy to get lost but hey… they said it is more exciting that way. Who knows what will you find!

You better have your extra bags/trolley ready because you might shock yourself with things you can buy from this place. Be careful if you are in a budget, this place is a wallet magnet – not because it is expensive. On contraty, everything is so cheap you will end up buying alot of things.

So my pupper tip? HAGGLE!!! If you plan to buy 6pcs or more, try to haggle for a lower price! It is so much fun to see mum stump them from haggling more than half the price. I swear it must be magic.

Have you been to Chatuchak Market???

Entry Number 022: God’s Reminder for an Exhausted Soul

Have you ever had that experience where you were just too tired for your own good that your energy is enough to either eat or make that walk home?

That was just how my mum felt. Dragging herself to have a decent meal was the only saving grace she had that one afternoon after duty. She, however, got an unexpected reminder.

GINGERLIME located along Brgy. Villamonte is known for their hearty meals sided with their specially made tomato salsa and God’s words. Not only it is a booster for the body, but also for the soul.

Our personal favorite is their Hungarian Sausage Meal~

Imagine how would you feel when you are about to throw the towel and here comes an unexpected words to uplift you.

This is something you would crave in a world full of negativity.


I can’t believe another year had passed since mom and I started this Blog. Today marked that moment when we took a leap and said we would follow through something out of our comfort zone.


Yes, we love to travel. But our travels are more like a personal experience than something we share to the world. However, more on the facts that can be searched up through our good friend google, we would love to share the emotions we get through each our destinations.

Puppy Mood: Extremely thankful. WOof~

Puppy Facts: 

  • About Us:
    Puppy Trails Ph
    was a product of creative minds of siblings who love to travel, know cultures, taste new food and get to see the world up close and personal. It was more on a channel to share about destinations focusing in Negros Island and showcase more of what it can offer, for now.IMG_20160710_101645.jpg
    There are a lot of other travel blogs who offer “how to get there” and “facts”, however, Puppy Trails Ph wanted to offer a fun twist to it. This is why the blog is written from a point of view of a puppy, Cadbury where it is more like he is talking to you than being surrounded by formal writing.
  • What We Feature:
    Negros Island is surely more than just the endless fields of sugarcane. It is about diversity of people, language and destinations. The island has white sand beaches to beautiful mountainous spot where you can climb and be with the clouds. Being a resident of Bacolod City, Puppy Trails Ph wanted to showcase more of the island’s natural beauty and food tourism spots.
    Puppy Nomnoms is where we feature one favorite food choice in a place we eat. There are more food there restaurant to offer but we prefer to have one we like the most.
    Puppy Adventures are the main blog posts. This is where we feature a travel destination. Offering a more personal touch to why and what to see in places we visit, Puppy Trails would want our readers to share our excitement rather than telling you what to do.
  • In the Future:
    We have been blessed to have travels out side of the island and the country. We wish to have more of these soon enough! Woof!


Puppy Seal of Approval:

This is our favorite part of the Blog. In places we visit, sometimes the little things that matters are neglected because of the hype they see in the net. We would like to share that having a lazy afternoon basking under the sun or taking an extra effort to climb up a hill would even make your visit an unforgettable one.


All these are sealed with love and a Pawprint! Woof!!! Would you come and join me to explore the world??


We would like to thank the people behind this blog. Those who supported us by teaching us what to do and their patience when we were starting off.

  • My mom: For the support and the love. I can’t begin to thank you enough.
  • My brother: For all the travels and more to come.
  • The Hayops: My mom’s group of friends who are crazy enough to go out with us.
  • Our readers: Super thank you. Our constant visitors. Though we didn’t make this for the pings and hits, having to see people read our posts make us push for more content.
  • And Papa God for keeping us safe and blessing us with more travels.


Entry Number 021: Homey Place like Grandma’s

They said that more than the food, the place makes a meal worthwhile. Memories that can be invoked by warm food is always something you can never ignore.

BALAY BINTANA in Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City reminds me grandma’s home cooked meals and her living room. From the stained glass windows, lined dog-earned books, wooden sets and colorful mosaiced floors it will make you think if you have been transported back in your grandma’s little cantina.

You and your friends can come are play a good ol boardgame while enjoying your meals. They even have a book exchange so that you can give your old reads a new vibe and pick a new one for yourself. Woof~ Talking about how to be off your phones are doing an actual conversation.

My personal favorite is the Sate babe. Skewered marinated pork served with peanut butter sauce is a bacolodnon’s take of the these goodies. The sweetness and texture of peanut butter is a must try.


** Heads up for those allergic to peanuts!!! **

Entry Number 020: Magic Potion Lemonade

Magic. Nothing better that having to experience it in real life – with the help of chemistry. ^_^

SHED TWENTY THREE located in Hilado St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental. This a new place opened and is already creating a buzz. They take pride with their good food, rustic ambiance and color changing lemonade!! So this fluffer is so excited to try it out!


The food is great!!! Prices are reasonable too~


And the magic of lemonade color changing thing!!! Lookie~


Unleashing My Inner Legolas at DMZ, Quezon City

Puppy Mood: Feeling like Legolas~


Testing out the bow~

Puppy Facts:

DMZ means DeMilitarized Zone. This is an 18 meter span standard indoor fully air-conditioned archery range that caters those who are seriously pursuing the art, people who would like to get the feels of wielding a bow or those who would like to be Legolas for a few hours.


Located in heart of Quezon City, people doesn’t need to go far to experience this.


Grabbed from their FB page~ 


Puppy Seal of Approval:

Someone asked me, what do I do if we are not travelling.

Do I end up getting bored at home?
I replied saying, who said our adventures ever stopped?


One weekend, my mom and her brother brought me to a place where we can learn about archery. And what makes you learn better?

  • Hold that bow and Shoot some arrows!
    • This place are equipped to the brim to help you learn your basics and they have equally competent staff to assist you every step of the way. They will give you 10-15 mins of orientation so can be sure of a safe and fun-filled experience.
  • Take time to adjust to the bow and the technique.
    • It feels weird to hold the arrow and the technique to pull the strings. You have to understand that you will probably start questioning your visual acuity after a few tries but it is just a learning curve. You will get a hang of it.


  • Keep calm and just enjoy the whipping of the wind as your arrows fly.
    •  Weirdly enough, this art takes so much focus that your mind pushes other thing out and zero in the experience. It is calming but trainig your mind at the same time.

Proud of my mum!!!

Follow the staff’s instructions! Tell them your concern and don’t just go ahead with whatever that comes to mind. They only have your safety as their priority so safety first.


Mum regrets nothing~ ❤ 


We are back in Bangkok, Thailand!!!For this special entry of Puppy Nomnoms, Mom and I will feature our TOP 5 FAVORITE STREET FOOD BUYS IN BANGKOK!!!

It is said that if you want any travel to count, you must wear your comfy clothes then walk the backstreets to experience their  local street foods. Not only you get to see the people and how they live their lives, you also see diverse cultures converge for a common love of food.


YES! Food! Like any budget puppy trippers out there, everyone would agree that you get to save a lot of money this way. And  you get to be up-close and personal with these amazing people for a day. So off we go and explore the streets of Yaowarat, where come nightfall, the main thoroughfare in Bangkok’s Chinatown transform into street food haven.


TOP 5: Spring Rolls (Poh Pia Tod,  ปอเปี๊ยะทอด)

For only 10-15 Baht, you get to eat a wide variety of skewered treats from Spring rolls, mushrooms, spicy sausages and tofu deep fried into golden perfection in giant woks. But among these, our favorite is the Deep fried Spring rolls. This is Thailand’s take on the iconic Asian spring roll. It is mostly made from glass (mung bean) noodles, bean sprouts, wood ear mushrooms and shredded carrot with meat of choice.


TOP 4: Mixed Fruit Smoothie (Nam Pban Ponlamai Ruam)

Mom and I love these. The finest seasonal tropical fruits blended with ice and sweet coconut water makes for the finest and freshest treat ever. From Banana, pineapple, watermelon. kiwi, dragon fruit – they have it!


TOP 2:  Grilled Pork (Moo Ping, หมูปิ้ง)

These tasty treats can be found at smokey roadside grills which occupy Bangkok’s streets. Delicious bite-sized cuts of pork meat are marinated, skewered then barbecued on the Bangkok Street Food grills. The marinade consists of oyster sauce, dark soy, coconut milk, garlic and palm sugar. The early morning vendors grill and sizzle these sticks over fiery charcoals until the meat starts to caramelise.


TOP 1: Thai Fried Noodles (Pad Thai, ผัดไทย)

Our top fave! We never miss our chance to eat a nice pipping hot Pad Thai! The basic Pad Thai comes as stir fried egg noodles with beansprouts, egg and other Thai flavourings such as dry shrimp. The dish is simple, flavorsome and a serving of Thai signature flavours added with squeeze over lime or sprinkle some chili flakes. Ground peanuts also give it more crunch.



We love food! We love to experience it by the streets, up close and personal. So we still have a few more food articles that, I must say, grab a spot in my runner-upper! Woof~

a. Oh I love these breads~ you have 18 spread to choose from!!! Best eaten when still warm and fluffy. I don’t know what exactly they are called but – I love them! We ate em all!


b. Khanom bueang or their version of crepes are precious!!! They have the sweet which has sweetened coconuts and caramel or the savory one~


c. Pork Rind – this is their version of Chicharon! We usually bring these babies home for pasalubong!


Bangkok, Thailand has been a hub of different cultures and food. Expect to see more of these food selection to choose from since they have everything and anything somewhere! Woof!!!


How about you?

What is your top street food from Bangkok?

Tell us about it!