Taking a Plunge in MAMBANGON SPRING RESORT, La Castellana, Negros

Puppy Mood: Happy to be free – finally! Excited to kick off our summer adventures  with some soul-time!

Puppy Facts:

La Castellana is bounded on the north by La Carlota City, on the south by the municipalities of Isabela and Moises Padilla, on the west by the municipalities of Hinigaran and Pontevedra, and on the east by the provincial boundaries of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental.


Papa God gave us a great weather! Look, it’s the Mt. Canlaon!

2017-04-09_18.45.06This quiet town prides bounty of natural springs and caves.  Caduhada or also known as Mambangon Spring Resort is one of the many. Located about 15 minute tricycle ride from the main “sitio”, the waters will definitely speak for itself.  This spring actually supplies water to the land and even the drinking water of the people of the nearby barangay.

True to its name: Mambangon came from the root word “Bangon” meaning to “rise up from lying position” – it is a source of life, livelihood and raising people’s spirits.




Jeep to Ceres South Terminal

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Northbound – Shopping Lasalle

Ø  From Ceres South Terminal:

Shopping La Salle – Libertad

> Tell the driver you want to go down at Bob’s in front of Riverside College; Transfer to Shopping San Agustin – Libertad

> You can miss this place. Just tell the driver you want to go down SOUTH TERMINAL

PhP 7-8.00 per head

PhP 7-8.00 per head

Ceres bound to:

Canlaon – Sitio Mambangon

> It is approximately 3 hours of travel. Bring some food and water~ Php 75 – 90 per head
Sitio Mambangon – Caduhada Spring > Hail for a tricycle. Tell them you want to go to Caduhada Spring Resort. It is about 15 minutes ride over concrete and no-so-concrete road. But watch out for the beautiful view of Mt. Canlaon along the road! Php 15-20 per head

Puppy Seal of Approval:

Usually, people see that summer trips are about the excitements, the adrenalines and booze only. But let me tell you, this place is quite unique. In order to really experience everything Mambangon Spring Resort could offer – it should be about stillness, peace and quiet.

It is summer and there could be a crowd when you arrive later during the day. Though this place could be a day trip destination, we suggest you either arrive by 6:00am there or you stay for the night in order to have the place for yourselves a bit.


So many people mom… >.<

Stillness. Sit at the edge of the deeper side of the man-made pool. Take a deep breath and then exhale. Dip your feet on the water and be still. Wait for it. Yep!  You guessed it right~ Free fish spa! This is so fun! We will upload an underwater view of those fishies!


Very ticklish~ They should stop nipping on my fur.

Peace. Take one of the floaters and let the waters lull you to a quick nap. Take a deep long breath and submerge to the cool waters, allow it to just surround you with calming silence. Try to enjoy yourself sitting in the shallower parts of the waters and have your own space.

2017-04-09_18.49.32A proper picture! Yey!

Quiet. Surrounded by the natural shade of tall trees and farm lands, this natural spring promises crystal cool clear waters throughout the year. Given some quiet time, this place is not just a quick dip but would be a rejuvenating one Perfect for those who have been working really hard like mom! Take time to just absorb that unseen energy from the water that perfectly reflects the sun on its surface. It is like a routine of dancing lights from a point of view of a little puppy like me.


Look at those dancing lights~

Travel party: Solo or Barkada trippers. Just remind the little puppies and children to stay with their moms or have floaters. The water could be as deep as 10-12 feet.

Budget: Entrance is Php 30. Day trip cottages range from Php 250-500. Or you can just pick a spot under the trees which is absolutely free. You can also utilize their free grills for your food. Perfect for budget-trippers.

Trip: Day-trip and overnighters. Overnight cottages range from Php 1000-1500. Again – we suggest you give this place time to appreciate it.

2017-04-09_18.51.12Summer is officially on!
Where are your puppy adventure destinations?
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