Finding some peace under Mother Mary’s mantle at REGINA RICA at Tanay Rizal

Every puppy tripper would agree that sometimes, we just need some down time and just spend it reflecting. That is exactly what mom and I did.

Puppy Mood: Feeling in need of some soul food~

Puppy Facts:

Regina Rica are handled by the Congregation, the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. Their founding community carried on the  different apostolates like conducting retreats, recollections and seminars; accompaniment in contemplative prayer and devotion to Regina Rosarii; broadcast ministry through radio and other forms of communication; and providing socio-pastoral and medical services.

In 2009, they have found the land where the Regina RICA  now stands. It is a 13.5 hectare land at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is a place that was pointed to them with signs and many graces.


To date many people have come to experience the peace, prayerful atmosphere and the presence of Our Lady, Regina Rosarii, on top of the hill. Regina RICA has become a pilgrimage center that gathers many people from all walks of life to experience silence, stillness and serenity.





Ø  UV Express to Cogeo Market.


Go to Aurora Boulevard, Gateway. This would be a 2 to 3 hour ride P35.00 for an FX ride per head.
Ø  Cogeo Town Plaza  to City Mall of Antipolo (Market) to get a jeep to Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal.


Usually they use the Marcos Highway route. Enjoy the view~   There are no stops so make sure you visit the little puppy room before you go. P61.00 for a Jeepney ride to Sampaloc, Tanay  per head
Ø  Sampaloc, Tanay marke –  Regina RICA Sitio Aguho Street.


This is a tricycle  ride. Its is relatively a short one that we expected it. You will go down at the very guard house… the main building is still a few meters in so yep… it’s a little walk in. P15.00 for a tricycle ride to Regina RICA  per head


Puppy Seal of Approval:

First off, Mom and I would like to tell you why you would choose this puppy destination. This place is a place for pilgrims and devotees of the Rosary and Mama Mary. Many come to this place as part of their novena, sacrifice or pilgrimage. People would come here to pray and contemplate. It is a popular place to visit during lent and Holy week. So if you are looking for an adrenaline pumped day… I would suggest to look for another place to go.


The 300+ steps to The Mother: The best way to experience this place is by foot. Though there are shuttle buses that could bring you around and the chapel on top of the hill, I think we should give those seats for the pilgrims who are very old or have ailments.


Mom and I walked thru the pathway leading to the 71 feet replica of our Mother Mary where you can spend praying, appreciating the fresh air and the view. Located on top of a hill, this place is where you can rest, pray and help other people. Regular healing masses are held in the chapel located under the mantle of the Mother. The Dominican sisters did a splendid job handling this place. My mom and I sat inside the sacred chapel and said our prayers.


This is not our usual puppy destination but, honestly, it is a welcomed break.


Puppy Rating:

Travel Party:  It’s a great place for every type of travel parties. Just be aware that dress codes are strict. No shorts and revealing clothes allowed.

Budget: Food are very healthy and affordable. This place is very low-cost destination but you can definetly bring some picnic baskets and snack under the beautiful trees. Woof~


Trip: The travel could be lengthy if you will use the public transport. Private cars can be an advantage especially if one of your travel party is sick or an elderly. Nonetheless, this destination is reserved for those who plan to spend a day to rest and pray.



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