Hello 2017!

Hello puppy woofers!

It has been a crazy week for all of us. Mom and I are so busy with all the preparation for to say bye-bye 2016 and say hello to 2017! We apologize for not being able to post last Saturday (usual schedule) because we have Noche Buena and a lot of family members coming over~ It is so fun to meet mom’s family! Woof!

This year has been a year of learning and growth. We started as a small pupper who dared to dream of writing a blog about his travel adventures. I found a home, my mom and baby brother. I came across a wise snake who taught me how to start a blog. And all you Puppy Trippers and woofers out there who gave this little puppy’s dream a shot.

So as we come to the conclusion of this year, we would like to look back to our top 5 favorite Puppy Adventures of 2016!

Top 5: Lakawon Resort. Hello blue sea~ I miss the salted air against my fur!

Top 4: Crystal Caves of Mabinay. ” Winter.Spring.Summer.Fall.”
This picture doesn’t even capture how beautiful this place.
Top 3: Gawahon Eco-Park. It is our first trip with the wise snake. This place holds more memories – woof!

Top 2: Mag-Aso Falls. Meeting this great wise man that has seen the years…

Top 1: Bangkok Thailand. It was my first time to travel outside the Philippines. I realized that the world is so big! So…I will start finishing all the islands in Visayas…the Philippines and then…. THE WORLD! WOOOOOOooooooooRRRRffffff!

What a year of blessings! And I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of it~

I love you all and off we go for more this 2017! Woof!

So what is you favorite adventure this 2016?
Tell us about!



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