Puppy Hacks 102: Prepping to Go International

Woof! It is my first time to go on an international flight! Good thing I got mom to teach me how to get ready. So I will share my puppy hacks for how to go international – puppy style.

img_20161114_165612.jpgWhere to, mom???

Number One: Book your Flights Early

The closer to the flight date, the tickets are getting more expensive. So it is always prudent for all puppy trippers like us to get tickets way ahead.   Plan your trip so you can avail for promos and discounted plane tickets.

Number Two: Prepare Needed Documents

The country you are planning to visit may need some additional papers such as visas or others for identification purposes. Government IDs are more likely to be accepted by the immigration committee more valid than just random IDs. As a rule of thumb please take note of the following:

  • At least  two Government issued IDs
  • Papers that can prove your scheduled return to your country of origin or transfer to another country
  • Printed forms of your back and forth tickets

Note worthy: Keeping a notebook where you can write down information like addresses, contact numbers, government issued ID numbers, contact persons in the country you will visit and your planned itinerary will greatly help when filling up forms you need to complete upon entering new country for their immigration officers. And keep a blue or black pen handy, you need to fill in alot of forms.

Number Three: International Currency

WOW! It is my first time to see new money notes from other country! My mom told me that prudent puppy trippers should have their money exchanged to USD before entering a new country. It is easier to facilitate foreign exchange if you have money that re widely accepted by foreign exchange stores. This way, you can maximize the worth of your money as well.

You can’t buy anything from their country if you don’t have their currency so this is very important.

Number four: Luggage and Hand Carries

To facilitate timely departure and processing of flight details, be a good puppy trippers and make sure you research what are the things that can or cannot bring. This is not only true to international flights but also in domestic flights. This will make sure that your travel is hassle-free.

Number five: Be friendly to Locals and Immigration officers

Mom taught me a simple greeting in Thai. She said, it is very respectful if you at least know basic lines like some greetings, excuse me and a like so you can talk to locals.  This will also make your lives easier since you can employ the help of the people who knows the place better.

So I will wear a big smile and say, “ Sa wat dee pup! ”



Any other advice you puppy trippers would like to share to other first time trippers bound for an international destination?

Please to comment below so you can help me out too! Woof!

Koop kun, Woof!!

Truly yours,



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