Entry Number 009: Go Loco with Coco

Have you ever had a chance to eat in a restaurant that will serve anything and everything with coconut and its derivatives? Oh yeah… A healthy boost from the miracle plant is served by Dana Buko Cocktail is located in Hi-Strip 3, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City.

From the interior designs, fixtures and food… everything has coconut or, at least, cocconut water in it.

We had several foods to try. But, this puppy says it is a must that you guys will be able to try the following:

– Chicken Kulma

– Chicken Binakol

– Asado Rice Topping

– Buko Pandan

– Macapuno

Please note that for all you who are not into sweet things, do tell your staff how would you like them to serve your desserts and drinks. This will ensure that they won’t add another dose of sugar in your order.

We paid less than PhP 500 for the two of us pigging out that day.

What is your favorite food from “Buko” ??

Tell us in the comment section below.


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