Entry 007: Flavors of Vietnam in Bacolod’s Doorsteps

Asia has been blessed with diverse culture – more so, with food. There could literally be more than 3 ways of cooking/prepping one dish and it taste different as to which country it is from.

Sometime this week, mum was craving for new yet flavorful and a migrating Whale (mum’s friend whom we call whale) happen to know just the place. Hidden from the bustling main street where diners and the like are lined up, a small Vietnamese restaurant thrive. Rau Ram Café is located in Purok Marapara Barangay Bata, Bacolod City Negros Occidental and they serve mainly Vietnamese food and asian fusion dishes.

I recommend the following,

Pho bo – A Beef and Rice noodles soup. Taste very straight forward yet light and flavorful. In what limited knowledge this puppy have , Pho is a classic and staple making it a must to try out.

Bahn Mi – Okay. This is our favorite. It is a sandwich with many veggies and meat. It screams: Health pack right there. This is a dream come true for all vegetable sandwich loving puppies and human out there~

Vietamese Fried Rice –I wasn’t able to catch how was it called but it was so good. Mum and I love anything with a kick of extra flavour to the usual steamed rice so this one is welcomed. The serving was good for 2-3 people so it is nice to share with friends and family.


Price ranges from Php 75 – 200 only.
They have big servings. One order can be shared by 2-3 persons which is why I would advise that people who come here must either be with friends and family OR extremely hungry puppy mode.

What is your favorite Vietnamese food?
Please do comment below~ I’d love to hear from you!



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