CEBU ISLAND | Part II: Rediscovering faith is CEBU, PHILIPPINES

All  trips will never be complete without a visit to a church and offer a prayer of thanks.


Puppy Mood: Looking for soul-food. Woof~

Puppy Facts:
Cebu City has been known to be the first to be exposed to the Christian religion. Christianity in the Philippines was introduced by Spanish missionaries and colonists, who arrived in waves beginning in the early 16th century in Cebu.

It is said that the first mass was held in Cebu during Easter. The Church then expanded from there when the remaining Philippine apostles were forced westwards temporarily due to conflict with the Portugues. They, then laid the foundations of the Christian community in the Panay in around 1570 to 1571. A year later, the second batch of missionaries reached Cebu. The island became the ecclesiastical “seat” as it is the center for evangelization thereafter.

With that, Cebu became known for numerous beautiful churches that is found all over the city and the island.

How to get there from Bacolod proper:

click here to know how.

Puppy Seal of Approval :

Mom and I always do Visita Iglesia  wherever we go. And it is so nice to rekindle your faith and get your soul-battery recharged while on a trip. Like what my mom always say, “ Pray for guidance and safety, be thankful, puppy. Everything we have is God-given.”

Here are the churches we were able to visit.

SIMALA CHURCH | Brgy. Simala, Sibonga, Cebu:



  • This place is like something out of a princess story book. It has a very unique castle facade. Washed white rock walled reminds me of how strong religion holds every Filipinos.
  • Simala Church takes pride with all the heard and answered prayers of all their devotee both near and far. Take time to write a heart felt letter to our Mother Mary and go all the way up to her chambers. Just follow the people~ You would never miss it. The place is so solemn and best to just stop and set aside all worries.
  • They have regular healing masses of Mother Mary are scheduled as follows:                                Sunday – 12:00nn & 3:30pm
    Monday to Friday – 12:00nn
    Saturday – 10:30am
    13th of the month – 10:30am & 3:30pm



  • This modern architecture church is hard to miss. Not only it is located just behind SM Seaside Complex,  it’s interior and exterior boast pride and creativity. They are petitioning this chapel to become a church so do not forget to help out when you can drop by~




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