CEBU ISLAND | Part I: Appreciating the Sea with the Gentle Giants in BRGY. TAN-AWAN OSLOB, CEBU ISLAND

Swimming with something bigger than you makes you remember that you are only a part of a bigger world.

Puppy Mood: Appreciative of life.

hWaiting for our turn~

Puppy Facts:
The moment you hear “Beach” – you can’t wait to jump into it. But then when it is followed by “ shark”, I bet you just want to pack the bag and get out.  However, Whale shark or locally known as “tuki or butanding” (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark. They are the largest known extant fish species and known to grow up to a length of 12.65 m (41.5 ft) and a weight of about 21.5 t (47,000 lb).


This is how close to the surface. Hi fishy, I am Puppy!!! ❤

How to get there from Mactan airport:




From the Mactan airport:

Ø  Go to the South Bus Terminal: Cebu

30 minutes  



Ø  Oslob-bound Ceres bus 3 hours travel. Asked to be dropped off at Bgy. Tan-awan, it is along the highway. First trip is around 4:00am PhP150.00


Puppy Seal of Approval :

The locals of Baranggay Tan-awan takes pride in the presence of these giants. It is a source of their livelihood and the ecosystem of their waters are kept pristine. I had a chance to dive in another place  that features the Butanding/Tuki  however they can’t promise the interaction as long and as sure as this place. I did enjoy my experience there since I always wanted to see them up close and personal.

I just realized  how small I am in this world and I am just one of many God’s great creation. He made everyone unique. He made me a puppy woofer out to explore the world, and all of you as great irreplaceable humans.

Puppy Advisory:
This brings me to a little favor I would like to ask from you – future woofers and travelers. As a self-claimed representative of the puppy and kingdom animalia, I would like to voice a little concern. It is great we get to see the Butanding in person, however, let us be reminded that we are equally responsible of their welfare and be advocate of the safety of these giants.

img_20160714_161449.jpgLet us help keep this beautiful place. ❤

I wanted to swim close to them, yes. But I didn’t – I was contented to doggy paddle along and around them as recommended   by the briefing before swimming with these gentle giants. The staffs of the Whale Watching Experience gives a talk before you go and meet them. We are to follow the strict protocol for the safety of everyone – Bothe us and the whale sharks.

I have seen both local and foreign tourists swim too close and even touched them. One of them even hit one Butanding with her flippers because she swam too close to them and it spook the poor thing. There were even divers who just kept resurfacing from under or even snorkelers almost hitting me with their fins.  PLEASE. PLEASE. We are in their place – Their home. They give us the chance to see and experience swimming with them, let us cherish that moment and respect them.

gManong helping us today


Travel Party: Family and Solo. I highly recommend this to people who can swim and responsible enough for their own safety.
Budget: Only PhP 500 for the actual swimming wth them, this include the life vest and the snorkel set.
Trip: Day trippers and over-nighters. There are places you can stay in.We didn’t stay in overnight because mom and I decided to do this 1st thing in the morning and be off to Cebu proper for city trips.



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