Entry 004: A Modern Twist to Tradition

Tea has been in many, if not all, cultures especially the Asian countries. These aromatic beverages are commonly prepared by pouring boiling water over dehydrated leaves or steeped in a bag in a cup of hot water. It is mostly consumed for their medicinal property.
Nowadays, tea has become a recreational drink for many. In an attempt to make the traditional tea palatable to younger taste buds, many establishments are now giving it new look.

So, this puppy found a tea place. PoiPoi Bubble Tea is located in VSB building along Lacson Street. This bubble tea place not only personalize you drink from what toppings you prefer, how you serve them until how much sugar you want in your drink. They’re food is really good too. It is not salty and offer different snacks fit for the overworked and starved woofers alike.


Price: Php 75.00 only~
Wintermelon Iced Fruit Tea is my personal fave. Woof!

What is your favorite tea?

I am looking forward to your comments!
Till next time~



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