Discovering the Hidden Secrets of GAWAHON ECO-PARK, Victorias City Negros Occidental

Now this is literally iced cold water~ A sure cure for the need-of-a-break.
Puppy Mood: Feeling the pressure of the beginning of class.

Puppy Facts:
Gawahon Eco Park is Victorias City’s counterpart to Mambukal Resort of Murcia.This picturesque city needs no filter for photos. Boasting their own seven falls, this Eco Park is definitely underrated. This natural attraction sits on 800 meters above sea level with beautiful waterfalls, surrounded and hugged by primary growth forest which is part of the Northern Negros Natural park, which is the province’s largest watershed.

No filter~

This place is literally a cold water haven. **brrrr** We placed out water bottle in the water and after quite some time… viola! Our water is cold and ready to quench some thirst.

I am the pup of the world! 

The park is equipped with a staff house, one-room cottages for over-nighters. While there are ample open shed houses, picnic cabanas and rentable tables and chair for day trippers for as low as Php 300.

How to get there from Bacolod proper:

The new Ceres North bound terminal! Let’s go mom!

  Landmarks Rates
Jeep to Libertad Market:

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Mandalagan/Bata-Libertad

Ø  From Ceres South Terminal:
Shopping La Salle – Libertad

The bus terminal is located a little further than Robinson’s Place Bacolod and Lopues Mandalagan.

Close to Pepsi Factory/Plant.

PhP 7-8.00 per head.
Ceres North Terminal to Market of Victorias City Trip will take you 30-45mins. Tell the conductor that you will get off at BDO victorias or “Mercado” of Victorias. Php 35.00 per head
Victorias Proper to Gawahon Eco Park It is a 30 minutes travel through a motor or a habal-habal.

1st trip starts at 6am.

I would advise you to go as a group so you don’t have to occupy the whole motor or wait for other trippers going up.

Php 350 one way if you will pay for the occupancy of the whole motor. The person who took you there to Gawahon will be the one who will fetch you later in the afternoon.

Php 100 per head if you will wait up until the vehicle will be full.

Puppy Seal of Approval :

Gawahon takes pride with their seven falls. It is a must to be able to conquer and see them in person. However, during me and mom’s visit, it was raining awfully hard so we were instructed to stay at the 1st and 2nd falls which is only a few minute walk apart.

The falls is ours!!!

But not maximizing our stay there is a no-no so other than exhausting ourselves swimming and enjoying the natural massage of the overflowing water, we loved the amazing water slides! Look here!

CAUTION: The place is not staffed by a life guard. The waters can be very strong. Whirlpool forms especially when the water is pouring from the higher parts of the mountain. SAFETY FIRST!


Travel Party: Solo and Barkada. Family with kids should stay along the shallow parts of the water because it can be dangerous.
Budget: Only Php 1000 for day trippers. This would include your food, water and transportation.
Trip: Day trippers and over-nighters. The place has cottages to cater for overnighters  for only Php 1,200.

off to more adventures soon!


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