Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Apparently, the most awaited game is out.

Ever since Pokemon was released during mom’s gradeschool years, I said I wanna be a Pokemon Master too!

Well… I want to be the first Pokemon Woofer~
Imagine, you all Puppy woofers and travelers…All your mileage is not just for naught.
Hatch some eggs and see rare finds. This one is definitely made for us! HOrray!

I want to go and travel!!!
Catch Pokemons!
Defeat and claim gyms!!!

…but mom still have exams….

So I must wait..

While doing so, I thought we must have a small game!


We are putting together your very own Puppy Travels Starter pack!
Details will be posted on our Facebook Account here. Please do drop by and like so you will be updated as always.

Which leads me to my question,
” If you will have your own PuppytTrails Starter Pack, where will go first?”

Looking forward to your comments! 🐶🐶🐶🐶
For now, I bid you all goodluck and see you on one of our Pokemon adventure!


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