Entry 002: A Cholesterol You’ll Crave

C’est la vie to atherosclerosis.

In the advent of healthy lifestyle and diets, one thing remains the same –that is the love of Filipinos of savory food remains the same despite the constant nagging of our laboratory results.

Few years back, a good friend of mine travelled to Cebu City with me for an Aikido practice and just pure unprecedented food-tripping. He mentioned about a city where they sell the best Chicharon. “Dili ni ya hangin (This is not just air).” This statement pertains to the cheap replicas made out of four. So we went there to have a taste of the great Chicharon Carcar.

So what are “ Chicharon”: it is deep fried pork rinds made by the local factories near the market. I was advised by my friend to by from Hermes-Uvy Chicharon because they have been in business for the longest time and the services while you wait is just the best.


Why? They will keep on giving you free samples until they pack and ready your buys.

So there I was…
Standing by the booth…
Waiting for the Chicharon…
One for a Snake…
Another for a Bear….
Consuming Cholesterol of Love…

Price: PhP 580.00 per kilo only!
Will you eat this for snacks?
Or add them to our Monggo Beans as viand?

Looking forward to your comments!
Till next time~


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