Some Peace and Quiet in BANTUG LAKE RANCH Brgy. Alangilan, Bacolod City

I’ve heard from a good friend that there is a nearby ranch that you can spend a day lying on a hammock… from that point on I was sold to the idea.

Puppy mood: Feeling lazy… I’d like that hammock please.

13499771_10209963976167078_204390976_o Touch down! Woof!

Puppy Facts:
Located in Barangay Alangilan, Bantug Lake Ranch sports a fairly sized man-made fresh water lake that is being fed by a creek where you can do some boating or host your own mini-boat race with your friends.

 There are many activities to choose from when you arrive to this place. From meet-and- greet with the peacocks to just leisurely chilling out on one of their hammocks, this place is fit for just anybody who would like to make sure they have a peaceful day well spent.

13499507_10209963985207304_513943384_o **howl** Look what I found!

How to get there from Bacolod City:




Ø  Burgos Market to Granada Jeep Terminal There are Jeep bound to Granada lining up beside the market. Look for the Grace Pharmacy along Burgos street, across it is a Chooks To Go store… along  that road you can see jeep lining up, you can find the Granada Jeeps Php 7-8.00 per head
Ø  Terminal to Bantug  Lake Ranch Just tell the jeepney driver or his assistant that your stop will be Bantug Lake Ranch. The place is located to the right of the road. PhP 18-25 per head


Puppy Seal of Approval:

If you love animals, have picnics and some quiet time… this is a place for you. You can spend the day relaxing on the hammocks, basking under the sun and breathing in fresh air.


Go boating on the lake. Find the hidden falls and be up-close and personal with the fishes another residents of the lake.


Learn your basic equestrian skills. Be polite and calm. Greet your teacher for the afternoon – and no, I am not just referring to the staff but those glorious horses.

Puppy Nomoms:

Bantug Lake Ranch has their own restaurant inside. Food are great for a reasonable price. We did our own grilling master chef afternoon with fish, pork,  salted egg and rice in a boodle fight.  Grills open for public use is found everywhere so you won’t have a hard time doing this. Woof!


Travel Party: Very close to the city and very accessible. This is very ideal for family outings.

Trip: Day trip. They still don’t have overnight cottages but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your day trip here.


Budget: Entrance is at Php 100 per head. Tables and cottages ranges from Php 350-1500 depending on how many your travel party is. Activities and amenities are just for Php100-150. Quite reasonable if you ask me.

13499661_10209964000047675_432531707_o Kiddie pool~ Yey!


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