Entry 001: Taste of High School Memories

There are just somethings that will never grow old.

One thing that I will never forget as I was growing up is the experience of the so-called, Lunch Race of Death. Every lunch break, it would be a race to line up and get a proper seat in a nearby local eatery called, Nene’s Eatery. They have been in business for more than 20 years now but never failed to placate my craving of those desperately needed calories. Even until I pursued further studies and attempting to be the first puppy to achieve higher education, I would still come back to this place every time I get a red mark in one of those pop quizzes.


Their specialty?
Nene’s Spareribs with Java Rice!
Don’t forget to request for ‘em extra sauce~
Price: PhP 75.00 only!

Have you tried this before?
What “Ribs” have you enjoyed from your side of the world?
Share it with us in the comment section below.

Looking forward to your comments!

Till next time~


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