Looking Beyond the Golden Mangoes of GUIMARAS ISLAND, Panay Region: Part II

Remember that a few posts back, I posted the first part of our travel in Guimaras.
Now e continue on!
I am so excited to go for an island hop. Thank God for blessing us with a great weather and we got the boat for ourselves with the usual price!!!

Puppy Mood: In great need of being surrounded by salty waters and freedom.

2016-06-18_19.30.22[2].jpg Woke up really early for this! Woof!

Puppy Facts: Your visit in Guimaras will not be complete if you did not maximize your trip by visiting neighboring islands.

2016-06-18_19.28.55[1].jpg All smiles si Manong Serwin!

Landmarks Details Fare/Fee
Alubihod Shore  

Resorts along Alubihod (Raymen Resort, Alubihod Cove and Rico Resort), they have a hut that you can approach to inquire.

We were with Manong Serwin (09075734900) very trust worthy and accommodating.


PhP 400 for the first hour and PhP 150 for the succeeding hours.

Puppy Seal of Approval:

  • SEAFDEC – A floating research facility for science of fishery and aquaculture. I love the experience when I get to feed fishes by hand! You see I am into research so just imagine me fan-girling everywhere!

Feeding fishes milk fishes by hand! They are like 2 feet at least!











  • Ave Maria Island – you can go down and swim here. Go find the statue of Mama Mary here.
  • Baras Cave – Another spot that you can go down and swim. The place is just picture perfect!
  • Natago Beach – This is another island that has its own resort. Yes you can stay there but we weren’t able to check the details of their accommodations. To experience walking on the protruding sandbar towards the sea is just something you HAVE to do here.
  • The Marine Reserve – You can swim here. But the waters are so clear. you can see the corals of different colors and shape from the boat.


  • Cliff Diving – Since we don’t have a waterproof camera, we are just keeping the memories in our hearts and share the picture of this estimated 10 meters plunge here.
  • Fairy Castle – The islands have edges that appears like a wall made by mosaic stones. It is just magical.


Travel Party: I suggest to do this trip with a travel buddy or as a barkada. It takes a certain level of “cowboy” in you to maximize the trip.

Budget: We stayed in a fan room in Raymen Resort – they have the cheapest yet very respectful and secured place to stay. It only cost us Php 900. Our whole trip cost us Php 2000 only – not bad for a party of two backpackers. We have our food secured with us and we made friends with the locals who were very nice to help us out with the transportation.

Trip: I suggest you explore the island  on day one, stay overnight, wake up really early morning and have your island hopping at the break of dawn. You will have beautiful pictures because the lighting is just perfect and you get to enjoy every island for yourself.


Never stop exploring everyone!!! Woof!




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