Puppy Hacks 101: How to Plan your Itinerary

I would try my best to explain the process. However, since this is as much as  second nature to me so it might not be as coherent as I would hope this would turn out. Please understand that I am an extensive planner and a checklist person so this might be very boring for you. Woof~

13492929_10209977301660207_569901961_n Brainstorming and planning mode puppy!

  1. Decide if it will be a targeted trip or multiple locations
  • There are places that can be clustered together and you can hit them all in one go because they are found in relative close proximity. Example of which is our trip to Guimaras Part I, where we went to many places. (Read  the post here: Looking Beyond the Golden Mangoes of GUIMARAS ISLAND, Panay Region: Part I )
  • On the other hand, you can decide to just go to one place because you have to go out of your way to go there. This could include places that are far from the mainland or the transportation is quite complicated like our trip in Mag-Aso Falls in Kabankalan.(Read the post here: Face to Face with MAG-ASO FALLS Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City
  • I personally do multiple locations since I don’t have the luxury of time to spend too much time in one place. So I cluster places that are found in one location and go visit them all. That way I would be able to maximize my weekend or day.
  1. Extensive research of all “how to”:
  • This is the most time consuming part. Spend time researching on all the “how to” like how to get there, estimated fees and alike. This will help you plan out the details of your itinerary and the budget you are to set aside for the trip.
  • You must put in consideration of three important things: Weather during the estimated travel period, the Travel Party and the Time you allow yourself for the trip.
    • Weather: Check the weekly, monthly or even the yearly weather forecast of your chosen location. The weather directly influence if you would be able to enjoy your trip there. This is what usually happens as observed from my friends, they book/plan a trip to the beach but turns out that it is cloudy to thunderstorm during that time. How can you enjoy the beach?
    • Travel Party: It won’t be much of a problem if you travel alone or with a buddy with the mindset as you. However, in times where you are to travel with other people or with children, you must be able to assume how they will fair during the trip given their state, attention span or need.
    • Time: Some places are not equipped with accommodations that may require you to bring tents or do some reservation prior to going there because it maybe the peak season. So whether it is just a day trip or over the weekend, you should be able to look into the details. This will also greatly affect the budget you are to allocate for your trip.
  1. Making the final itinerary:
  • I make a checklist of the schedule with the corresponding places we want to visit. Though everything won’t be go exactly as plan due to a number of cause (Delay in transportation, traffic etc), having a final checklist would help you manage your time especially if you would go for multiple location trips.
  • I suggest you write down the fares and fees expected in certain stops or transportation you are to take. This would keep tabs of your expenses of the whole trip.

I hope this Puppy Hack will be able to help you in planning  and maximizing your next trip. Now it is your turn to share!

How you plan your itinerary?
Let us know in the comment section below.

Looking forward to your “how to”.
Till next post!


Yours truly,

Puppy Trails Ph


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