Face to Face with MAG-ASO FALLS Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City

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Puppy Facts: Puppy Trails is off southward! Kabankalan is 90 kilometers from the main city of Bacolod, Negros Occidental. It will take you approximately 5-6 hours to get to this first class city. Located in the last barangay of Kabankalan City is Oringao.

Most people see this quiet place just in passing yet they are in for a surprise. A grand eight meters tall twin falls sits regally and in its belly is just the perfect turquoise crystal waters to cool every overheating human and puppies alike.


How to get there from Bacolod CIty:

Landmarks Details Fare
Jeep to SOUTH Ceres Bus Terminal:

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Take any Bata or Mandalagan-Libertad Jeeps to Libertad and Transfer to Shopping-La Salle Jeep


The bus terminal is located in Along Lopez Jaena Street. All Shopping-La Salle Jeep from Libertad passes through the Ceres South Terminal terminal. You wouldn’t miss it since it is always full of people or yellow buses. Just ask the driver politely to drop you by the Terminal.


PhP 7-8.00 per head.

Ceres Bus Bound for:

Ø  Kabankalan City


Trip will take you 4-5hours. The last stop will be where you get off. Tell the conductor that you are bound for Kabankalan City. The last stop is the terminal so you won’t get lost.



Php 65-69 per head

Kabankalan Terminal to:

Ø  Barangay Oringao

Ask the local tricycle driver to drive you to the terminal of the jeep to Mag-Aso Falls or Brgy. Oringao.  

Php 30-50 per head

Ø  Barangay Oringao (Highway) From the highway, you are to take a tricycle or a habal-habal up to the entrance gate of Mag-Aso Falls.

We met a great accommodating and honest man who took us there: Manong Boyet (09079482119/09429686510)

Php 100 per head

Puppy Seal of Approval:
The Great Mag-Aso Falls. Take time dipping, jumping and dog-paddling in the cool beautiful waters. Feeling adventurous? Go cliff diving from the falls down to its deep basin. Be careful though, very deep waters and very rocky bottom especially the water towards the twin falls.

2016-06-17_17.05.06[1]Can you see the face of the falls?

This huge tree fell due to an onslaught of the storm yet it is rock solid. It appears that it has been reinforced by the water’s minerals from the falls. Take your time exploring the place. You will be surprised that there are hidden caves around.



Travel Party: Perfect for all kind of travel parties. There is a pool for your kids. Just make sure parents must keep an eye on their kids since the waters in the nearby falls might be too deep for their short arms and legs. To be safe, let them swim in the kiddie pool for only Php 100.


Budget: Fit for budget backpackers. Entrance is Php 100 each. If you have a tent with you, no need to rent out those huts or rooms at reasonable price (Php 350-1500).
Trip: A day trip can suffice or you can stay overnight and enjoy the waters all for yourself.


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