Puppy Hacks 101: How to Plan your Itinerary

I would try my best to explain the process. However, since this is as much as  second nature to me so it might not be as coherent as I would hope this would turn out. Please understand that I am an extensive planner and a checklist person so this might be very boring for you. Woof~

13492929_10209977301660207_569901961_n Brainstorming and planning mode puppy!

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Looking Beyond the Golden Mangoes of GUIMARAS ISLAND, Panay Region: Part I

Waking up thinking of more summer adventure and seeking to satisfy some serious mango-craving need of this puppy.

Puppy Mood: Feeling hyped

2016-06-18_19.30.22[1].jpgThis will be a two part blog featuring Guimaras Island adventures with @frainwolf (https://www.instagram.com/frainwolf/) part one will be our island exploration and part two will be our island hop adventures. Continue reading

Face to Face with MAG-ASO FALLS Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City

Summer just started. Let’s explore more!

Puppy Mood: Craving for more .

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