Exploring the Not-So-Ordinary Holes of BULWANG CAVES, Mabinay Negros Occidental

I am Ready!! WOOF!
Join this puppy adventurer explore the Bulwang Caves! It was such a great place o escape the scorching heat of this Philippine summer!!

Puppy Mood: Feeling adventurous.


Puppy Mood: Feeling adventurous.

I love Mabinay too! Taken in RELAX INN, MABINAY

Facts: Puppy Trails Ph featured Mabinay for its spring. This time round, this puppy is back to explore its caves. Locals claim there are more than 100 caves. Seven of which are explored and mapped – only three of these are easily accessible for beginners while other four are reserved to more experienced mountaineers and cavers.


This municipality has been hailed as the cave central of the Philippines because of their beautiful natural wonders to showcase.






How to get there from Bacolod proper:

Landmarks Details Fare
Jeep to SOUTH Ceres Bus Terminal:

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Take any Bata or Mandalagan-Libertad Jeeps to Libertad and Transfer to Shopping-La Salle Jeep


The bus terminal is located in Along Lopez Jaena Street. All Shopping-La Salle Jeep from Libertad passes through the Ceres South Terminal terminal. You wouldn’t miss it since it is always full of people or yellow busses. Just ask the driver politely to drop you by the Terminal.


PhP 7-8.00 per head.

Ceres Bus Bound for:








Ø  Alternative Trip:
Dumaguete via Mabinay


Trip will take you 2-3hours. The last stop will be where you get off. Tell the conductor that you are bound for Mabinay. The last stop is terminal so you won’t get lost.


Check the Ceres Liner schedule for the departure time but the first trip is 3:15am and every approx.  45mins after that until 7:00pm. Inform the conductor that you will get off at the Mabinay terminal or else… If you fell asleep and missed your stop – you might end up in Dumaguete. Woof~


Php 220-300.00 per head

Ø  Mabinay to Barangay Bulwang From the Mabiny Terminal, you can ride the bus bound to dumaguete or jeeps that are bound for Bais. PhP18-25


Puppy Seal of Approval:

Splelunking in the three caves is a must. It takes a certain level of endurance and cardio to go through the three caves  but I tell you, IT IS SO WORTH IT! Woof! Mind you, all the three caves are relatively short especially the first one, so listen and ask your local guides. They will tell you many things about the caves. Take time to go around especially if you go as a Barkada.

But fellow splelunkers, please be reminded of the ff:

**looks at the helmet** Mommy… Its too big for me…..
  1. Safety first! Woof~ You can bring your own gears if you have but you can just borrow them at the office for Php 100 each.
  2. Trek and go at your own pace. Talk to your very friendly and accommodating guides especially if you are not used to these activities.
  3. Bring water and travel light. You can ask to leave your bags with the office and just have a small carry on with your cameras, power banks, water and a face towel.
  4. DO NOT TOUCH LIVE STONES! Please help to preserve such beauty. Apparently, the stones and rock formations especially in cave two and three are still in the process of growing. Any form of contaminations (especially from our hands) can stop this and would cause their growth to stop.

First cave: Panligawan Cave – It literally means, “Courtship” Cave. It is a short cave of about 143 meters long and 122 deep with a beautiful heart-shaped sky lit domed center. The local told us this is where our ancestors, the Ita would profess their love to one another. There are resonating stalactites along the sides of the cave and some prominent beautiful rock formations.

Can you find the HEART?

Second Cave:  Pandalihan Cave – Watch your steps! The cave is dark and the floor  can be slippery but the place is equally beautiful. If the first cave is for courtship, this cave is for marriage.

Entrance of the Pandalihan Cave~

Third Cave: Crystal Cave – It is 157meters long and about 12 meters deep. I am lost for words how beautiful the beautiful live rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and columns are.  So here ya go! Woof!!!

I am lost for words…. My winter, spring, summer and fall~

Puppy Rating:

Travel Party: Perfect for all kind of travel parties. From a family to a solo backpacker like me is okay. Just make sure you are up to some minimal trek and 5 kilometers walk. Just enjoy the scenery, I promise… the huff and puff are so worth it.

I may be a small puppy… but the world is never a daunting place.

Budget: Perfect for budget trippers. With a budget of less than 1500, you can already be comfortable and enjoy the caves.

All of those are sparkling like diamonds~ They are all live rocks. _ Pandalihan Cave

Trip: This is a day trip activity – YOU CAN’T STAY THERE. You can add this to your Mabinay Itinerary.

Can you see the angel? When I found this… I paused for a while and thank God for the blessings… then asked for more adventures! WOOF~ – Crystal Caves

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