Bathing in Eternal Tears of MABINAY SPRING, Mabinay, Negros Oriental

Puppy Mood: Soul-Searching.  Wanting some time to be left alone with my thoughts, I seek the comfort of the cold waters of the quiet springs of Mabinay.

Puppy represent!!! Happy to see the gate~ Woof!


P5uppy Facts: Mabinay is a first class municipality in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Its location roughly halfway between Bacolod and Dumaguete makes it the regional center of the Negros Island Region, along with neighbouring  Kabankalan City to its north-west in Negros Occidental. It would take 2-3 hours to travel from Bacolod City to this quaint town.









How to get there from Bacolod proper:




Jeep to SOUTH Ceres Bus Terminal:

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Take any Bata or Mandalagan-Libertad Jeeps to Libertad and Transfer to Shopping-La Salle Jeep


The bus terminal is located in Along Lopez Jaena Street. All Shopping-La Salle Jeep from Libertad passes through the Ceres South Terminal terminal. You wouldn’t miss it since it is always full of people or yellow busses. Just ask the driver politely to drop you by the Terminal.


PhP 7-8.00 per head.

Ceres Bus Bound for:






Ø  Alternative Trip:
Dumaguete via Mabinay


Trip will take you 2-3hours. The last stop will be where you get off. Tell the conductor that you are bound for Mabinay. The last stop is terminal so you won’t get lost.


Check the Ceres Liner schedule for the departure time but the first trip is 3:15am and every approx.  45mins after that until 7:00pm. Inform the conductor that you will get off at the Mabinay terminal or else… If you fell asleep and missed your stop – you might end up in Dumaguete. Woof~

Php 140-150.00 per head

Puppy Seal of Approval:


I can feel the cool mist around the spring. Excited!

Whether it is during the rainy season or the blazing summer, the  Mabinay Spring never disappoint. It is like a huge spring water pool surrounded by towering centuries old trees that provides the shade especially during summer. The water is enticingly crystal-clear blue and ice-cold. Nature-lovers and tree-huggers will just weep tears of joy when they get to see this beauty in person. So if you plan to go there, you must give considerable time to just leisurely puppy-paddling around the spring or kayaking especially on the deeper side of the spring.


Now in my nth hour soaking… This will prevent me from puppy heat stroke. Pure bliss~

One of the locals told me about the folklore behind Mabinay Springs. A story has it that a beautiful girl named Binay fell in love with her father’s rival chieftain son. When Binay’s father learned of the relationship of Binay and her lover, her father ordered her lover killed. Binay grieved to the point she begged Mother Nature to take her. Mother Nature took pity on the weeping maiden and brought her back into her bosom. It is said that the Mabinay Spring is where Binay was laid to rest, a spring broke forth. She weeps to this day, feeding Mabinay Spring.


The Mabinay Spring is also the primary water source of the town’s people. Locals are very proud of this nature’s gift that is why they are doing their best to keep the place as clean as possible. (So please… fellow travellers, please do not throw anything in the spring. There are garbage bins around the place for proper garbage disposal.)






Cool clear waters of the spring~

Staying in Mabinay Spring will only cost you Php 1000 at least while other amenities, like kayaking, will cost you Php 50 per hour. There is an entrance fee of Php 10-20 per person.  You just have to call their office in advance because they usually get fully booked especially during summer. There are also room for rent right outside the Springs that would cost you as low as Php 250 for a fan room for one person.


Look at those tall trees around the spring!

Puppy Nomnoms:
Did you know that Mabinay is one the or if not – THE place where you can buy the cheapest meat (pork and beef) in Negros? Even I thought I was hearing things when they said that a kilo of Pork and Beef will cost you Php 120 and 180 respectively in their local market. It happens to be conveniently located very near the Mabinay terminal.

So what this puppy  did was to buy everything I need there and cooked my rice and grilled by Porkchops in Mabinay. There are grills around the resort.  If you can’t find them, as the caretakers and they will show you the nearest one. Go and show off your puppy cooking skills! Woof~


Freshly Baked Royal Bibingka~

One the town you will be able to pass by is the Town of Hinigaran. If you can pass by Mila’s Restaurant. You must try their perfectly fluffy Royal Bibingka and Potato Cake. Need I say more? **drooling puppy**


Potato Cake! Gotta buy some for my furry mom.


Puppy Trails Rating:

As a summary:

Travel Party: Perfect for all kind of travel parties. From a family to a solo backpacker like me, the place is safe and the gate is manned by security guards even at night.

Budget: Perfect for budget trippers. With a budget of less than 1500, you can already be comfortable and enjoy the springs.

Travel Duration: Good for even just a day or overnight trips.


Last view before I go. ❤



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