Bathing in Eternal Tears of MABINAY SPRING, Mabinay, Negros Oriental


Puppy Mood: Soul-Searching.  Wanting some time to be left alone with my thoughts, I seek the comfort of the cold waters of the quiet springs of Mabinay.

Puppy represent!!! Happy to see the gate~ Woof!

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A Trek to the 7th Falls of MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT Murcia, Negros Occidental

The busy school year is over at last!

It is time for my books and highlighters to take a rest.  It’s time for my backpacks and camera to come out and enjoy the sun. So off I go to my 1st stop, Mambukal Mountain Resort for some well-deserved peace and quiet through communing with nature.

Puppy Mood: Feeling determined.


Entrance. Excited puppy!!


Puppy Facts:


The place is just surrounded by mini waterfalls~

The quiet barangay of Minoyan, Murcia is the home of infamous, Mambukal Mountain Resort. Just a 45 minutes ride from the main city of Bacolod, you can already enjoy its various amenities for a nice quick weekend getaway or even as a day-trip only.


These 23.6 hectares of both man-made and natural resources offer a wide range of options for nature trekkers or a whole family get-away to beat the heat of summer.

Not only the cottages costs as low as just PhP 300, the place is very accessible, you can just come here anytime!







How to get there from Bacolod City proper:




Jeep to Libertad Market:

Ø  From Ceres North Terminal: Mandalagan/Bata-Libertad

Ø  From Ceres South Terminal:
Shopping La Salle – Libertad


The bus terminal is located in front of Savemore- Libertad.


PhP 7-8.00 per head.

  • Libertad – Mambukal Jeeps
Trip will take you 30-45mins. The last stop will be where you get off. Tell the conductor that you are bound for Mambucal Resort and they will let you off right in front of the gates of the resort. Php 35.00 per head


Puppy Seal of Approval :


First Falls! Woof~

The Trek to the 7th Falls:

It may be a long way up but if you are to go to Mambucal, You can’t miss the experience of climbing all the way to the 7th falls. It took about an hour and a half to go up. There are guides to help you navigate your way through the foliage and tricky path walks.

The view is just beautiful and breathtaking. Just take your time and appreciate the trek up. Don’t be ashamed and tell your “manong guide” for a break. I did! Woof! Puppy is out of shape~
**huff huff**








Second Falls~

Unfortunately, the management of the resort only allow the guests to swim either on the 6th and 7th falls. So just go all the way up. Don’t worry. The water is just the best up there.

But that doesn’t mean, you can’t make a pup stop to take a picture and feel the mists on your face!




Third Falls~








The 3rd to the 5th falls can’t be accessed anymore. The trail that was used to connect it from the main trekking path was destroyed due to typhoon Haiyan. But don’t worry, you can still see it from the main trekking route.





Seventh Falls!! WOOF!

Once you reach the 7th falls, let the ice cold water cool you off. Take a deep breath of fresh air, relax and have dip! I doggy paddled to the falls and stayed under the cold water! So worth the effort going up~ Woof woof!

Puppy Nomnoms:
There are many stores that sells food in Mambucal. From Chicken Inasal to Relyenong Pusit… but if you are on a budget trip like me, I suggest to bring some marinated pork or fish and just be a grill master for the day!


Hungry Puppy….Got some grilled pork and potatoes!

There are grills free to be used everywhere in the resort. You can just buy a PhP 10 worth of coal and voila – You can grill your favorite inihaw and be a happy puppy like me~



Puppy Trails Rating:

As a summary:
Travel Party: Good for solo, barkada and family trips! The place is not too far and it is very safe for the young pups/kids to come along and enjoy.

Budget: You can go to Mambukal for as low as less than PhP 1000 (per person) for a day trip or under just Php 3000 for an overnight stay, depending to which accommodation you like.

Travel Duration: Since it is quite accessible, you can go there even just for a day trip or overnight/weekend stays.