Welcome, Travelers!

Hellowwwoooooooooooof everyone!!

Welcome to the PuppyTrailsPh! This blog is an account of my puppy adventures around the country and hopefully… the world!

Each blog will compose of the following:
1. Puppy Mood – This is mostly why I selected the place to travel to. So all you travelers out there and you couldn’t figure out where to go next… maybe if we share the same Puppy moods, it could help you make the decision.

2. Facts – Even puppies like me need to know some things in order to go around so this part of the blog will have that covered.

3. Puppy Seal of Approval – If you go to  a place, there are some things you MUST DO…or not go there at all. So watch out for the Puppy Seal of Approval and experience it yourself when you go there!

4. Puppy NomNoms – Did someone say food?! Woooooof~ From specialties of the place to Must bring foods… Puppy have that covered. Yep~ my favorite part of the blog. Woof woof~

5. Puppy Ratings – In the hope of helping you, fellow travelers, Puppy made this unique rating system that could be a guide in your decision-making. From deciding your budget to the travelling party… Puppy Trails Ph will try to lay down the cards so you can plan your happy trips!

Now, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!
Tell Puppy if you have a place you want me to check out~
(and maybe.. I can escape for a few days or tell my Mom to bring me there.)

Looking forward to see you and hear from you guys!

Puppy over and out~
Woof! Woof!


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