Pushing Further Down to EDEN SOUTH, Hinobaan, Negros Occidental

Puppy Mood: Feeling the need to Beach

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Entry Number 029: The Family Restaurant

Family keeps traditions and makes new memories last a lifetime. It makes our hearts swell when we see an establishment made possible by the very basic unit of Filipino society. ECZ HAPAGKAINAN FOODHAUS in Rizal St. Brgy. Lag-asan Bago City is an example of this.


From family kept recipes, aunties for cooks and other relatives for servers – this family owned and operated restaurant took the name and its meaning seriously. They have been in operation for 3 years now and their smiles never fades.

My favorite is their take of Full Pinoy Summer Halohalo




Entry Number 028: Bejeweled Homegrown Business

It is true that great things are hidden under plain sight. Who would have thought that in a quaint quiet city of La Carlota serves one of the best Nachos I have ever got my paws on.

CAFE NORMA  is located in  Yunque Street, La Carlota City. They are conveniently located in front of the La Carlota Government Building so can never miss it. They take pride of serving only the best brew from freshly ground coffee beans from mountains of La Carlota. This little gem tucked away from the hustle of Bacolod City is a must go to for every coffee enthusiast.


They are serving this hefty bowl of nachos with heavenly salsa. Pair it with you favority coffee then viola~ You coffee and snacks fix is definitely solved!

The Pilgrim: Witnessing Filipino Culture through Holy Churches

Hello Puppy Trippers!!

It is a great summer and everyone is heading out to the beach! Having tans and getting those instaworthy pictures are all fun! Woof!

But amidst all these fun and hot summer vibes, let us not forget to give some of our time to that One who gave us the opportunity to admire such beauty. So these series of posts will be dedicated to churches we were able to visit.

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Entry Number 027: Happy Fat Puppy Belly

They say, you are not real Pinoy if you don’t appreciate The Lechon. But it is not small feat to secure a whole piggy, prepare it and cook it whole all the way to perfection just to enjoy these sinful but oh so “namit” (delicious) food.

That is where CRISPY BELLYCIOUS CAFE located in 155 Circumferencial Rd, Bacolod City comes in. Satisfy the craving…. without draining your wallet dry.

A serving of 80 grams of crispy lechon served with “Sinamak”(local vinegar) and tamarind Sauce is only Php 90. Definitely something you have to tick off you must-eat-here list.


Entry Number 026: Cool Down by The Boulevard

All that adrenaline from Siquijor Trip needs some cool down. So what is best thing to do upon arriving in Dumaguete? EAT LIKE LOCALS~

When evening strikes, The streets of the famous Boulevard of Dumaguete City transform to the street food haven for both locals and tourist alike.

Serving famous Filipino street food namely Fishballs, Squidballs, Crab sticks, kikiam and many more for only Php 10 per stick!!!

Just add your cola of choice or ice-cold bottled water. How cool is that?

Warning: They don’t allow alcohol consumption in this area. A mandate from the local government to ensure happy experience for all. Yey!